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Editorial: F-35 passes big test

By Neil Heinen
Channel 3000
August 5th, 2019

MADISON, Wis. –  We are supporters of the effort to select the 115th Fighter Wing at Dane County’s Truax Field as the location for the US Air Force F-35 fighter jet. So we’re pleased the draft environmental impact statement released last week showed minimal environmental impact from housing the new planes at Truax. Most significantly the statement shows no significant impacts on air quality or land use. As expected, there will be some increase in noise in the area mainly as a result of an expansion of the affected area.

Supporters, like Together Truax, view the 115th as a major economic asset to the community and a valuable safety feature at the airport. Interestingly crews from the 115th helped put out the fire at the MG&E plant a few weeks ago.

The public hearing process moves forward with the next public hearing scheduled for early September. We hope citizens for and against will continue to stay engaged to make this work for everyone as best it can.

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