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Tom Spitz and Dave Fink: Posting F-35s at Truax shows the base’s value

Dear Editor: Settlers bank supports the U.S. Air Force’s selection of Truax Field and the 115th Fighter Wing for an F-35 mission. Many of our employees have themselves been or have servicemen and women in their families. In fact, Senior Vice President Dan Nichols’ father, Walton (aka Wally), was a fighter pilot at Truax back in the ’50s and ’60s.

Truax base is home to 550 employees and 900 guardsmen who live and work in this area. Collectively Truax base has a regional annual economic impact of $100 million. Like all businesses, military bases are subject to financial feasibility reviews. Modernizing from F-16s to F-35s at Truax continues to show its value and ensure its gates stay open in our community.

Madison specifically benefits from having the fighter wing in the city, all at no cost to local taxpayers, by:

  • Being the primary fire, crash and rescue crews for the Dane County Airport.
  • Providing fatality search-and-rescue crews.
  • Providing a mobile emergency room.

Settlers bank has been in the air path of both commercial and military aircraft for 10 years and while only once in a while do you hear them, when you do, it’s an event that leaves everyone saying, “Wow, that was cool!”

Active military and national guardsmen deserve a base stationed in a community where modernization is embraced, the service to their country honored and their contribution to the community in which they live and work is recognized and appreciated.

Full Article can be found here.

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